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About me

Hi, I'm Emma! I'm a content writer based in the UK with over 6 years of experience in putting words in the right order.

What I do

I specialise in informative and well-researched long-form content for businesses that want their marketing to have meaning.  

Content writing

Whether you want a good old fashioned listicle or a long-form guide with academic-style citations, I've got you covered. I'll work with you to make sure your content marketing adds value to your brand.

Ghost writing

If you want everything I write under your own byline, that's not a problem. I've got over 3 years of experience providing top-quality content for my top-secret clients.

Editing and proofreading

Need another pair of eyes? I'm happy to take a look at your work and see where we can improve. I'll edit for style, consistency, and search engine optimisation.


Website Planet

I currently work full-time with Website Planet, one of the internet's largest review websites targeting web developers and internet marketers. I write about website builders, CMS services, email marketing, credit card processing, accessibility, and more. 

Australian Pole Dancers Magazine - Issue 22

In my article 'Performing with Mixed Anxiety Depressive Disorder', I talk about how performing in a pole dance showcase was a key part of my mental health recovery, and how pole dance can empower us to be who we truly are with no filters.


I wrote '8 Easy Ways to Make Your Hiring Process Inclusive for Candidates With Mental Health Issues' for RippleMatch, a careers service that both matches candidates with their dream job and helps employers diversify their workforce. In this post, I talk about how the hiring process can put off talented candidates with mental health issues from applying to your company - and how to fix it.


In my guest post for AllThingsChristmas, I talk about how those of us with mental health conditions can manage our symptoms over the holiday season. Christmas can be a difficult period when you're faced with the pressure of appearing happy, socialising, and spreading cheer, so in this post I include easy ways to make the holiday season easier to navigate.

My Experience


Dragon Scribe Studios

I started Dragon Scribe Studios to help businesses like yours create marketing with meaning. Over the past three years I've ghost written and created content for small businesses and large review sites alike.


Sass and Clacks

Sass and Clacks was a pole dance and fitness blog for plus-sized people. With so little representation for plus-sized athletes in the fitness world - and particularly in pole dancing - I wanted to create a resource for people like me.
I stopped updating S&C in 2021 after my work with Dragon Scribe Studios took off and I didn't have time to update it. Will it come back in the future? Who knows!


Games Workshop

forge world writer

I wrote narrative, rules, and story-driven gameplay for:

  • The Horus Heresy Book 7: Inferno
  • The Horus Heresy Book 8: Malevolence
  • The Age of Darkness Rulebook
  • I also ran early prototyping for the Liber Astartes and Liber Hereticus Army Books. On top of that, I regularly wrote narrative and rules for downloadable rules content and copy for event brochures.


    Games Workshop

    Warhammer World Blog Writer

    I was responsible for the old Warhammer World blog while I was a Sales Assistant. Using the skills I'd learned from writing a magazine in college, I wrote weekly posts announcing new releases. This is what sparked my love for content writing.